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Adult Residential

Successful Dreams Support Services support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as their families through comprehensive and appropriate quality services.


Adult Day Services

Successful Dreams Support Services believes and values three phases of a person with developmental disabilities core abilities. Phase 1. Work Services, Phase 2. Life Skills, Phase 3. Retirement.



Dual Diagnosis Care

Specialists in substance abuse and intellectual ability status and mental health treatment work together to ensure all the client’s needs and underlying conditions are treated effectively.

Psychotherapy plays a key role in treating co-occurring disorders, but prescription medication may also be required.

Therapy that enables the client to make choices is the most reliable and widely used approach.

In the treatment process, all household members, including partners, spouses, children, and any other members of a household or household members should all be involved regardless of whether they receive individual treatment or take part in family meetings.


There is evidence that with help, people with a dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders can stabilize and recover. A large part of the treatment for dual diagnosis involves behavioral interventions. Types of behavioral therapy commonly used in dual diagnosis treatment include:

Dialectic behavioral therapy, which has the goal of reducing self-harming behaviors that often accompany mental health conditions and substance use disorders.

Integrated group therapy, which seeks to treat the symptoms of both substance use disorders and mental health illnesses all at once. For those with IDD, social skills and life skills training programs may also be needed.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, which works to minimize problematic beliefs and behaviors and develop healthier thinking and behavioral patterns to sustain effective treatment outcomes.

Individual psychotherapy, which treats behaviors related to IDD, substance abuse and/or particular behavioral or mental health problems.

Youth Residential

Successful Dreams Support Services (SDSS) is a program that accepts referral based placements based on individual assessments through agency and court ordering recommendations for male youths ages twelve (12) to eighteen (18). This program provides services for youths based on approved treatment plans and/or models. SDSS integrates its Mission - Supporting youth in crisis to create and maintain a safe and educational environment that promotes growth and personal well-being. SDSS Vision - Successful Dreams Support Services desires to maintain and enhance a healthy, safe environment for every child supported.



Sexual Treatment Program


Targeted Case Management

Targeted Case Management services assist individuals with intellectual or other developmental disabilities to achieve maximum independence, integration, productivity, and successful inclusion in the community.  Targeted Case Management services include but not limited to:  Assessment of the individual, Development of support systems, Support Planning, and Advocacy for the person and their lifestyle preferences.  Targeted Case Management provides an open line of communication between the individual served, their family/guardian, services providers, and professional and natural supports.

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